20th Executive Meeting: Cardiff I.B.S. 10:30

20th Committee (All Secretaries) Meeting: Cardiff. 1:30


9th Hon. Secretary to receive International Trial Forms

14th-15th U/18 Mixed International. Bristol

18th Selectors Meeting: Merthyr Tydfil.11: 00


4th Singles: Cynon Valley I.B.C.

5th Junior Trials: Llanelli I.B.C.10:00

8th Executive Meeting: Cardiff I.B.S. 1:00

12th Junior Trials: Merthyr Tydfil I.B.C.10:00

26th Fours: Cardiff I.B.S.


3rd Senior Trial: Merthyr Tydfil f I.B.C. 10:00 start

9th-10th Triples: Dinefwr I.B.C.

17th Senior Trial: Swansea I.B.C. 10:00 start



7th Junior Development Day: Merthyr Tydfil I.B.C. 10:00 /4pm

14th Junior Practice: Cardiff I.B.C. 10:00

21st Junior Practice: Llanelli I.B.C. 10:00 am

28th Senior Development Day: Merthyr Tydfil I.B.C. 10:00 am/4.00pm


4th Junior Practice: Merthyr Tydfil I.B.C. 10:00 am

9th-11th Junior Internationals: England

14th Ex. Meeting: 10:30am /// Secretaries` Meeting Cardiff 1:30

18th Practice Senior International Team: Cardiff I.B.C10:00

25th Practice Senior International Team: Earlswood I.B.C. 10:00


3rd-4th Pairs: Radnor/Merthyr Tydfil

8th-11th International Series: Paisley, Scotland

12th-15th British Isles Series: Paisley, Scotland

18th Junior Singles: Islwyn I.B.C.

24th-25th Champion of Champions: Newport I.B.C.

29th Executive Meeting: Cardiff 11:00

31st National Semi-Finals: Earlswood I.B.C.


1st National Finals: Earlswood I.B.C.

World Championships:

8th Final D.J. Premier League.


AGM and Luncheon

LAST DAY FOR NOMINATIONS AND PROPOSITIONS 2nd March 2018 All times and venues are subject to cancellation or alteration. Copies of this calendar should be displayed on club notice boards If more information is required please email / telephone: Hon. Secretary Mrs Hilary King MBE E-mail: hilarywliba@aol.com