Welsh Ladies Indoor Bowling Association

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Upcoming Bowling Competitions

Here are the bowling competitions throughout the year:


January 02 - January 06

PBA Hall of Fame Classic

January 06

World Bowling Tour Men's Finals presented by PBA

January 08 - January 13

PBA Oklahoma Open

January 17

CP3 PBA Celebrity Invitational presented by Go Bowling!

January 22 - January 27

PBA Lubbock Sports Open

February 04 - February 10

PBA Tournament of Champions

February 12 - February 17

PBA Players Championship

February 19 - February 24

Go Bowling! PBA Indianapolis Open

February 26 - March 03

Go Bowling! PBA Jonesboro Open

March 10 - March 21

World Series of Bowling X

March 11 - March 18

PBA World Series of Bowling X Cheetah Championship

March 21

PBA World Series of Bowling X USA vs The World

March 26 - April 01

USBC Masters

Las Vegas

April 07 - April 10

PBA Playoffs

June 01 - June 02

About Bowls

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PBA Playoffs Championship

April 25 - April 28

DHC PBA Japan Invitational

Tokyo, Japan

June 18 - Friday, June 21

Weber Cup XX

Las Vegas, NV

July 16 - July 18

PBA League

Friday, July 19 - July 21

Barbasol PBA Tour Finals presented by Red Rock Casino Resort Spa

Friday, June 28 - June 30

PBA Lubbock Sports Shootout, presented by Ebonite

Lubbock, TX

July 25 - July 28

Storm PBA/PWBA Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles

Friday, August 09 - August 11

PBA Harry O'Neale Chesapeake Open

August 12 - August 14

PBA Wilmington Open

Friday, August 16 - August 18

PBA Gene Carter's Pro Shop Classic

August 21 - Friday, August 23

PBA Bowlerstore.com Classic presented by Moxy's Xtra Pair

August 24 - August 31

FloBowling PBA Summer Swing pres. by the Brands of Ebonite International

Aurora, IL

August 24 - August 31

PBA Wolf Open

September 21

FloBowling PBA ATX Invite

PBA Fall Schedule

August 28 - September 08

Storm Lucky Larsen Masters

September 22 - September 28

WBT Thailand Open

October 21

PBA Clash

October 23 - October 30

U.S. Open

October 31 - November 06

Kuwait Open

Kuwait City, Kuwait


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Latest News

The 2018-19 National Competition Winners are now on the news page
The WLIBA are advertising for a new secretary, full details are available on the news page.
The 2018-19 Junior International Team is now available on the news page.

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