The WLIBA was formed in 1950. At that time the short green variety was the only game played in Wales and it was those clubs who founded the WLIBA in order to form competitive leagues. Championships games in singles, pairs and fours were formulated, with the object of playing representative international games against England.

In 1960 the Llanishen Indoor Bowls Stadium was opened, the first long-green stadium in Wales. The ladies of this club were accepted into the WLIBA and an agreement was reached that this Club should, in future, send three rinks to all international matches, and the remaining three rinks being made up of short green players. At about this time Scotland joined England and Wales in these representative matches until, a few years later, the Irish Women’s Indoor Bowls Association was formed. This completed the four home countries international representation and full international matches have taken place every year since then. Channel Isles now play in British Isles Series but not in the International Series.

In 1975 Merthyr Tydfil opened a bowls stadium at their new leisure centre and in the following year Wales hosted the International Series at this stadium.

At no time had the WLIBA international side succeeded in winning the title but the fortunes changed in 1977 when our team won the Clara Johns Trophy in Arbroath. Since then, Wales has had many such occasions, to their credit.

On the 16th July 1988 the Long- and Short– green clubs parted company. The Short–green clubs formed their own Association with the chain of office remaining with them. (This was suggested by Secretary, Hilary King) The chain of office was formally handed to Mrs Joyce Incleton, as Short green representative.

Mrs Eleanor Evans was then inaugurated as President For 1988/89 and Mrs Dorothy Bumford was presented with the Vice-President Badge of Office.